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Top 5 Posts for October 2016

Every month we are bringing you the top 5 posts from last month! These posts weren’t necessarily written last month, but they were viewed a whole lot so we want everyone else to have a chance to get in on the action and maybe take a peek at a post you might have missed!

So here are the top 5 posts for October.


#5 Sliding Door Hardware Kit

Barn doors are such a huge trend right now, and for good reason! They can add such wonderful character to any room you choose to put them in, with the perfect amount of rustic and industrial vibes. In this post we talk about a sliding door hardware kit that will make your DIY barn door a little bit easier.


#4 Doll Trundle Bed

If your little one loves dolls, specifically the American Girl Dolls, you know how important having a full wardrobe and miniature home for the dolls are! This DIY from Lipstick and Sawdust will teach you how to build an American Girl sized doll bed complete with a trundle for the doll’s friends if they come for a sleepover.


#3 Revamp a Thrift Store Chair

How often have you walked into a thrift store and seen an amazing armchair, but had to walk away because the fabric of the chair was beat-up or horrendously ugly? Fear not the ugly fabric, for we are bringing you a tutorial on how to recover that secondhand armchair!


#2 Trunk with Distressed Paint Finish

The rustic look is huge right now, but sometimes you just have to use new wood to create a piece of furniture that is as sturdy as it needs to be for daily use. In this post by Miss Mustard Seed, you can learn how to paint your furniture so it has that perfect rustic finish.


#1 Beautiful Live-Edge Kitchen Shelves

Raw-edge furniture is having quite a moment, as are open kitchen shelves. The two combined are absolutely divine! Take a peek at this amazing corner in the kitchen of DIY in PDX- it is so light and airy, displaying her beautiful cups and bowls.

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