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Top Ten Tools You’ll Need For DIY Home Renovations

tools with home renovation

Renovation takes the best tools to get the job done properly. Whether it is a minor improvement or you are doing major work, the right tool is always essential.

Once you are determined which parts you want to remodel, you can think about having the right tools.

Well, from the cheap to not-so-cheap tools, here we bring you the right kind of gadgets for the home improvement. Let’s get going –

Top 10 tools for DIY home renovations

Measuring Tape

measuring tape

You should always invest in a good quality majoring tape as it is going to be your ultimate companion while taking exact measurements.

You should opt for the one that adds up a quality build so it can survive all those falls and still get going.

The tape should be technologically advanced so it does not hide in its cave while you are measuring.

It should have that hook that you can stick on the surface of the surface you measure.

Japanese Cat’s Paw

The next tool that you definitely need is a Japanese Cat’s Paw. It is a hammer with a chisel at the end.

It is used to get the screw off from the surface independently or by using a hammer.

In case, you are about to remodel your home, you are going to need this handy tool to get the job done with stuck nails.


You should opt for both handsaw and circular saw. The handsaw or the Japanese saw works great to get small jobs done.

The saw works on the principle of pulling and does the job when the pulling force is applied.

Cordless circular saws are useful when you want to perform the repetitive sawing on a surface like wood.

That is why it is best to go for both and use them as per the tasks of sawing during the renovation.

To find these tools I’d recommend checking with Consumer Reports or some of the many other sites on these topics.

Cordless Drill

wireless drill

There would be many instances where you would need to drill a hole. A cordless drill always comes useful as it does not force you to plug it in the switchboard.

It comes with a rechargeable battery so you can drill holes whenever you want.

The battery stays less toxic than those nickel-cadmium batteries and it serves you for longer as well.

The controls come along too so you can set the amount of force you need while drilling.

All the switches such as for the force setting and light are easily reachable with your thumbs and the index finger.

The light function is very useful when you drill in the dark.

Speed Square

Even if the tool seems confusing at first, it can be greatly helpful while taking measurements about different angles of the surface.

With a little guidance from Google, you can learn using it efficiently. This one is also known as framing or try square that helps you as a saw guide.



Pliers are one of the most used tools in remodeling work. They are useful when you want to hold on to something such as hot wire or clutch any material.

Pliers are also useful when you want to bend or compress any material that your bare hands can’t simply do.

Sometimes, tight spaces do not allow our hands to reach, and in those situations, pliers can do the job.

Oscillating tool

It is a tool that performs multiple functions. The versatility is what attracts homeowners to get this tool in the list.

It reaches the surfaces that are hard to reach and performs sanding and cutting job.

The tool comes with various attachments that do different jobs for a DIYer.


A ladder makes an impossible work possible by letting you reach the heights.

A DIY or home renovation at the heights is not possible without a ladder.

There are various types of ladders and you should choose the one that is made of quality material so it can serve you for years.

Some ladders also come with the attachment options so you can attach the extra tools you need while working.


A Sledgehammer is a tougher version of a hammer that lets you hit the surface more brutally.

As this hammer is pretty heavy, you should always test it before buying if you can lift it comfortably or not.

There are different varieties for Sledgehammer as well such as if you want a wooden or rubber grip.

Duct tape

Duct tape is different from a simple tape as it makes anything stick securely.

The multi-use tape is something you would need in the list of must-have renovation tools.

Plus, these tapes are cost-effective, and they do work as they state, so you are not going to lose the bond ever.

Wrapping Up

So these are some of the tools that are must-have for renovation jobs in your home.

Consider owning more tools if you have to, after all, it is all about getting the job done hassle free.

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