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Tissue Paper Butterflies Wall Canvas

Your children’s artwork can become some of the most prized décor in your home. This is true of Lisa at A Room with A View who simply adores two butterfly wall canvases created by her daughters. After being inspired by a greeting card decorated with butterflies that appeared somewhat translucent and ethereal, Lisa requested that her daughters create something similar during one of their private art lessons. Both Lisa and her girls still love their beautiful butterflies that bring a soft splash of color to the wall. 

Butterfly Canvas

Lisa was inspired by the work of artist Maria Carluccio.

Butterfly Artwork

Read more at A Room with A View.

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Friday 2nd of September 2011

hey beckie!!

what an awesome idea,i didn't expect that a simple tissue paper can be a lovely artwork like this, thank you for sharing, anyway have you seen this site? Home Decor Stores!

Patricia Torres

Tuesday 23rd of August 2011

Gorgeous... simply love her blog.. and this is such an awesome idea!!

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