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Timeless Design Fireplace

A fireplace makes a fine focal point in every room. If the fire can still work, there is nothing better than to curl up in front of a crackling fire on a cold winter evening. Layla from  The Lettered Cottage had a fireplace that was off center and outdated.

With some basic materials and hand tools, they set to giving the fireplace a presence in the room. The addition of a larger mantel set the tone for creating a modern appearance. Not only does the larger mantel provide space for displaying decorative items, it allowed them to build in a wood front. The overall design brought it into this century.

Layla does note that they used fireproof paint when they painted the bricks black. This is a wise step for those that are planning on using the fireplace. Does your fireplace need a revival? The design that Layla chose may work for yours as well. This process would not be very difficult and would add timeless appeal to your setting.

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