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Time Worn Suitcase Table

Have you noticed how many vintage suitcases are available at flea markets and thrift shops? These interesting items seemed to have such stories to tell, Lisa from selected several and created a beautiful side table.

vintage suitcases before recreation

Because she wanted the vinyl suitcases to all have a dark finish, she used a gel stain which she painted on and then rubbed off with a cloth. The result was a dark finish with some of the original color showing through. To give the table the height she wanted, she screwed reclaimed wood legs to the bottom of the largest case and then stained them as well to blend in with the suitcases. A brilliant touch was using a chocolate colored ribbon to simulate leather straps.

three vintage suitcases turned into table

Lisa used an antiquing glaze on the clasps holding the ribbon and then she wrapped all the suitcases with the ribbon. The beautiful stack of suitcases is a unique and vintage touch to the room.

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