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The Ins and Outs of Vertical Gardening

While it would be nice if everyone had the acreage to grow their gardens as large as they wanted, the reality is that most people don’t have a lot of space, especially good and sunny space. For those who love in apartments or rent their homes, gardening can seem like even more of just a pipe dream. However, with a few products from the hardware store, some favorite plants, and a bit of ingenuity, anyone can turn even the smallest square footage into a vertical dream garden.

1. PVC Pipe Garden #1

PVC Garden

Photo: PVC Garden

With just a few interesting PVC pieces (such as the “Y” connectors pictured here), you could easily attach this structure to any wall, fence, or patio for herbs or other interesting hanging or bushy plants. As you can see in this picture, the pipes are even situated so that they drain effortlessly into the storm draining on the ground. You could even angle yours off the edge of your deck if you preferred.


2. PVC Pipe Garden #2

PVC Pipe

Photo: PVC Pipe 

Another PVC pipe garden, with a slight twist. Instead of connecting pieces in a horizontal panel, this gardener took a single pipe and had used a hole saw to cut the planter holes in it. Then she inserted it into the ground and filled it up with soil, adding each plant before adding more soil. It is very likely that she also attached some sort of screen in between each layer to hold the soil and plants into place

3. Pallet Garden #1

Pallets make an easy, ready-made vertical garden wall. This gardener put in additional boards or screens in between each layer of soil and plants, including the top.

4. Pallet Garden #2

This pallet garden makes a great addition or herb garden for a small apartment patio. I think it would also make an interesting divider.

5. Pallet Garden #3

Using bright paint colors and your creative thumb, you can create a colorful masterpiece that you can simply water from the top.

6. Pallet Garden # 4

Using a few special cuts, you can really create some interesting wall gardens with upcycled, scrap pallets.

7. Ladder Garden #1

Make creative use of an old ladder by adding a few bucket planters and beautiful flowers. A perfect solution for a small corner section of your patio.

8. Ladder Garden #2

Also using a ladder, but with a slight twist, this apartment renter took wires and wrapped them around Terra Cotta planters before hanging from their ladder. What a great and unique idea.

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Wednesday 23rd of August 2017

The drain pipe planters are such a great idea!

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