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Quick And Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Thanksgiving food preparations take so much time that the last thing you want is to spend hours putting together just the right centerpieces. Thankfully (pun intended) you don’t, due to these quick and easy centerpiece ideas. All use things that you probably already have laying around your home, so all that you need to do is arrange them artfully.


Idea #1 – Glass Bottles And Dried Fruits

A few glass bottles.

Glass bottles and some dried fruits on a tray. Stone Gable Blog

This idea here is arrange a few simple things. In this case, those “things” are old-fashioned bottles and some whole nuts on a small tray. You can add a few sprigs of herbs to the bottles, switch out the nuts for miniature pumpkins, or do whatever else is necessary to turn a few “found” items into an entertaining centerpiece for your Thanksgiving dinner.

Idea #2 – A Basket of Greenery

A basket of greenery.

A basket full of moss and greenery. Stone Gable Blog

All that you need for this one is some simple greenery and a woven basket. This doesn’t even need to be something that you put together for the occasion – if you have the plant already in your house, just move it to the center of the table. If you don’t have mosses or green plants like the ones in the picture, consider using potted herbs or even an African violet or two. Really, any houseplants will liven up the table and make for a simple, rustic centerpiece.

Idea #3 – Chalkboard Art (Without the Chalkboard)

Chalkboard art

Chalkboard art can be printed out. Stone Gable Blog

For this one a piece of chalkboard art becomes the focal point of a very simple centerpiece. The best part is that you don’t even need an actual chalkboard – this is a piece of artwork that can be printed out of any color printer. The rest of the centerpiece is made up of found items, such as small pumpkins and some cranberries on the vine. Even better, add in a silver-colored pitcher and work in a few candlesticks and a document holder.

Idea #4 – Candles and Glassware

Candles on a tray.

Candles and glassware on a tray. Stone Gable Blog

This centerpiece is easy to put together. Simply gather some candles (they don’t all need to be the same color) and place them in glass containers. You can put some pine cones, a small gourd, or a few dried nuts in containers as well, and then arrange them all on a tray. The tray becomes the centerpiece, making it easy to remove when you need the space for turkey and pumpkin pie. (Just remember to blow out the candles before you move it.)

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