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Terai Folding Chairs

Shelly from Mod Home Ec said that tarai folding chairs today look downright stylish. She was able to get the two wood slat chairs on clearance from World Market.

She “shopped” through her fabric stash and came up with an inspired version of the $198.00 Anthropologie chairs.

And boy, she really knocked this one out of the park. She also created and shared her awesome tutorial on how you too can make your very own.

Anthropologie style Terai folding chairs

When you check out her easy-to-follow steps you’ll quickly see that you only need a few key supplies and materials.

Then, just follow her instructions one-by-one and you’ll have your own customized upholstered folding chairs in no time. You’ll have people asking you how much you paid!

Supplies need to make these folding chairs

Obviously what makes these chairs great besides there whimsical look is how versatile and easy to store they are. Like any folding furniture, there can easily be picked up and put out of the way when not in use.

When they are needed, they can be convenient set up and instantly brighten the decor of any room, whether it be a family room, kitchen area or dining room. Heck, even outdoors if needed.

Terai Folder Chairs Fabric

The key to making your set of terai folding chairs look fabulous is the fabric. Design and pattern possibilities are endless, which is a good thing really.

Your chairs don’t have to look like they came from Nepal, any type of pattern style will do. Piecing them together almost like a quilt will echo the terai style well.

As with any DIY decor project, seating or otherwise, choose a fabric pattern that either accents, compliments or can be the focal point of the room.

It all depends on the space and what else you have going on in it.

If you’re doing a set, you don’t have to use matching patterns or styles at all. In fact, there’s something about having “mis-matched” designs sitting next to each other on these chairs.

The essence and unique look of these chairs comes with the eccentric designs that are created by the use of scrap fabric. If you do sewing projects regularly and have leftover cuts of upholstery then you’ll have no problem decking out your new folding chairs!

For Shelly, her original inspiration came from the Terai Folding Chairs found at Anthropologie.

terai folding chair inspiration Example chair two

To read up on how Shelly came to making her own set of Terai Folding Chairs and published her unique guide on making them head on over to Mod Home Ec for the full scoop.

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