Chevron Kitchen Mat

When you think of a kitchen mat, I am sure fun is not a word that comes to your mind. However, Laura from Markham Street Designs shows that a kitchen mat can be full of life and personality! Laura took her old foam kitchen mat and painted it to resemble a zigzag mat she spotted in a magazine. Even dishes would be a little more fun standing on this mat {wink}!

colorful chevron kitchen mat

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Herringbone Wall Art

Sam from The Junk House found a piece of digital art she loved but wanted a different color scheme than the original. That’s the beauty of DIY! Color, size, design – you can modify it all to meet your needs. Sam glued strips of scrapbook paper to a poster board to create her custom herringbone […Read More]

Handpainted Chevron Rug

Micki from Mason Jar Champagne fell for a chevron rug during a trip to Boston. She knew it was perfect for her guest room and must be simple enough to DIY. One of the hardest parts was making up her mind on the color! Following some fabric-painting tips she saw on the web, Micki made […Read More]

Colorful Zigzag Throw Pillow

Calli from Make it Do created the perfect pillow for adding a subtle touch of fun and color to your space. The zigzags definitely take the spotlight, and Calli makes them look so simple to create in her tutorial. Calli’s color and pattern choices are totally workin’ for me here, as they lend a softness […Read More]