Faux Birch Wrapping Paper Placemats

Nikki from Tikkido loved the faux birch placemats from Pier 1, but they weren’t quite the size she needed. Then she saw their birch wrapping paper. Nikki says, “It’s thick, it’s textured, it’s embossed, it’s substantial.” Perfect for making placemats! Nikki was able to make an entire set of placemats for the price of one! […Read More]

Framed Script Art

Sonny from 155 Dream Lane had to look twice when she came across a framed farm log from Williams-Sonoma that cost over $1,000. The kicker is that it’s just a print! Craziness. Instead of dropping a mortgage payment, Sonny grabbed a frame from her yard sale stash and some script wrapping paper she had and made a similar piece of artwork. With all the pretty papers out there, what a great idea to turn them into wall art!

framed script like ws 3.00

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Burlap Pegboard Wrapping Station

Lizzy from My Mind – My Life wanted to beautify the unsightly pegboard her husband put up for her wrapping station. Burlap was the perfect solution, as it is cheap, sturdy, and loose enough to allow Lizzy to insert the pegs without having to cut holes. Not only is this an awesome storage solution for […Read More]