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An Open Bookshelf for an Awkward Corner

Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic had an empty space between the couch and window in her living room that she was always struggling to fill. The answer? An open bookshelf design from Ana White that would provide the needed height without blocking the natural light. Whitney again busted out her power tools to whip up this bad boy for under $100. That’s $700 less than her Pottery Barn inspiration!

open wood bookcase

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Reclaimed Wood Wall Shelves

Laura of The Simple Life and her husband Damon wanted to “finish off” their living room by filling the large blank wall next to their television. Laura found some wood shelves with metal brackets that she thought would be perfect for the space. Well, perfect that is minus the price. Laura did the math, and they were looking at around $700 for three measly shelves. Craziness! Instead, Laura and Damon spent some time in the hardware store devising a plan to get the same look for substantially less. I’d say they did a pretty awesome job!

rh inspired wood and metal wall shelves

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