Wooden Bench Sandbox

In order to keep her son from digging around in the dirt and mulch, Kristen from Lipstick and Sawdust  built a sandbox where he could dig to his heart’s content. She followed plans that Gina from Lady Goats was kind enough to share at Ana White. The coolest thing about Kristen’s build is the bench seats convert to a lid to keep the sand clear of critters and other yuckiness. You’ve got to watch the video of Kristen’s kids closing it up to see how awesome (and easy) it is!

sandbox with convertible bench top

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Covered Wood Sandbox

Erin from Life in the Dub Lane loved the design of a “fancy” covered sandbox from Pottery Barn Kids. I am sure it’s no surprise that the $400 price tag was holding her back from bringing one home. Erin instead opted to devote a day to building her own for $65. Just because Erin’s DIY […Read More]