No-Sew Fabric Cord Cover

A bunch of unsightly wires can take away from even the most well-designed space. Fortunately, Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming can help you tame those cords in a mere five minutes with her no-sew fabric cord covers. Yes, you heard right – no- sew! Stephanie Lynn simply ironed fusible hemming tape onto […Read More]

Best of PB #7: Made-from-Scratch Mason Jar Chandelier

Grace from An Adams Thing created her own mason jar chandelier after falling in love with its catalog counterpart. She deserves a huge pat on the back for literally making her very own light fixture. I’m sure Grace’s chandelier catches the attention of all her visitors!

Mason Jar Chandelier

{…Read More…}

Industrial Wire and Bulb Chandelier

Emily was thrilled to find a tutorial for a PB look-alike chandelier at Instructables after she’d been eyeing the original for quite some time. The look was achieved using ten Ikea Hemma lights which have a fifteen foot cord each. I really like the industrial feel of the bare wires and bulbs. This chandelier is […Read More]