Sparkly Snowflake Pillow

Lisa from Celebrate Creativity shares a simple tutorial for making a gorgeous snowflake pillow inspired by Pottery Barn. While the inspiration may call for French knots, Lisa found a much simpler solution in mini cotton balls. She sewed her own pillow cover and then simply glued on the cotton balls. For a little extra sparkle, […Read More]

Cable Sweater Pillow

Chance are you have an old sweater in your closet just begging for a second life or a thrift store close by with racks full of sweaters. Jill from Create.Craft.Love shows just how simple it is to transform that old sweater into a cozy and warm pillow perfect for snuggles on the couch by a toasty fire!

diy cable sweater pillow

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Hanging Snowflakes

Christa from Brown Sugar Toast found a way to enjoy a little winter snowfall despite the mild temperatures outside. She brought the snow inside by hanging these cute little snowflakes in her daughter’s bedroom. Christa was fortunate to find a pack of six snowflakes for only a dollar, and some white thread turned them into wintery mobiles.


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Plaid Wool Pendant Shade

Why waste hours searching for that perfect fabric when you can just paint your own? That’s exactly what Mary from At Home on the Bay did after months of searching for plaid and stripe wool coating for her custom-made lampshade. I know it’s summer and smokin’ hot outside, but Mary’s shade makes me want to […Read More]

Snowflake Winter Wreath

Has your front door been bare since taking down all of your holiday décor? Amy from Sadie Priss suggests decorating with a seasonal winter wreath that can keep your door adorned all throughout the winter months. This year Amy created a simple silver wreath using a few different styles of snowflake ornaments. Who knows… maybe […Read More]

Twig and Berry Snowflake

When Amanda from Crafty Pursuits wanted to create a winter wonderland inside her home, she had to look no further than outside her window. Amanda’s area had recently been hit by a winter storm that left inches of snow and twigs aplenty strewn about the yards. Perfect conditions for making a twig snowflake! Amanda collected […Read More]