Shower Curtain Drapes

Jenny from Days of Chalk and Chocolate found an interesting way around paying high prices for fancy drapes by turning shower curtains into window curtains! Like Jenny, I have noticed the lovely assortment of pretty shower curtains while perusing the aisles of Target. Jenny lengthened the shower curtains by sewing material from a Wal-mart panel to the bottom. They really look high-end! Have you ever thought about using shower curtains for your windows?

shower curtain window panels

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Wooden Airplane Valance

Mallory from Classy Clutter ran across a piece of vintage airplane art that would be a pretty cool addition to her boys’ themed bedroom. While she wasn’t really in the market for wall art, she remembered seeing a rustic barn wood valance that might be just the answer. Mallory merged the two ideas to make […Read More]

Stencil Patterned Curtains

Heather from {twenty}something created these cheery curtains to make a dramatic statement in her breakfast nook. She did not want to be limited to muted colors and decided it was DIY time! To achieve this look she rolled a mix of acrylic paint and fabric medium over a stencil. I love how these curtains brighten […Read More]