DIY Floral Applique Curtains

Laura from Décor to Adore has had a love affair with appliqued curtains for awhile now. She first saw them at Anthropologie but had to pass thanks to their hefty price tag. Instead she turned to one of my favorite curtains sources, Ikea, to make her own. Laura chose a tablecloth with a pattern and […Read More]

Burlap Window Panels

I know I am not alone in saying that I love burlap and it’s price. The fact that I can get it for a couple of dollars a yard with a coupon makes me wonder why stores like Ballard are charging around $200 for one burlap panel. Sheesh! Alicia from Thrifty and Chic shows that you don’t have to pay those outrageous prices, not when you can make your own burlap curtains for $12, and that’s for two panels!

diy burlap curtains

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“Cast Iron” Curtain Rods

Decorating a new home can be expensive – especially when it comes to window treatments.  That’s why Heather from Fake-It Frugal decided to forego the expense without sacrificing style and make her own “cast iron” curtain rods. Heather achieved the look using wood dowels for the rods and clay for the finials. Each decorative rod […Read More]

Stencil Patterned Curtains

Heather from {twenty}something created these cheery curtains to make a dramatic statement in her breakfast nook. She did not want to be limited to muted colors and decided it was DIY time! To achieve this look she rolled a mix of acrylic paint and fabric medium over a stencil. I love how these curtains brighten […Read More]