Decorative Wall Plates

Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design long loved the whimsical Theme and Variations plates, but at $195 PER plate, they were just way too expensive for her. So when Julia found tile stickers in Germany she got very excited, knowing she could use them to finally bring Piero Fornasetti into her budget home.

knock off theme and variations plate

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Decoupaged Deer Wall Décor

Wall décor comes in many forms and definitely isn’t limited to framed art and canvases. Elisa from The Self Life added some dimension and interest to her daughter’s nursery with a decoupaged deer head created from a craft store figurine. I love how Elisa clustered the deer on the wall with other items for a gallery effect. Too cute!

decoupaged deer

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Knickknack Candlesticks

Abbie from Five Days… 5 Ways fell in love with some unique candlesticks from Anthropologie made from an assortment of knickknacks. However, after seeing the $400 price tag, Abbie embarked on a mission to make her own that involved haunting thrift stores until she found just  pieces to recreate the candlesticks… with her own twist, […Read More]