Eye Chart Wall Art

Like Rhiannon from Being Mom{me}, you probably don’t want to drop $80 for a piece of wall art, especially when your style might change next month, and even more especially when you can make it yourself for nothing! Rhiannon simply designed her own eye chart art on her computer, printed it out at home, and placed it in a frame she already had. Done! I love this saying and agree with one of Rhiannon’s readers that it would make an adorable wedding gift!

diy eye chart art

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Stenciled Love Pillows

Nothing says love like these romantic pillows from Beverly at Flamingo Toes. Literally! Beverly used a freezer paper stencil that she cut with her Silhouette to add the lettering to her pillowcases and then sewed some shabby ruffles to the edges. While I had Valentine’s Day on the brain when I looked at these, Beverly […Read More]