Wall Mirror with Hidden Storage

I always love knock off projects from Corey at Sawdust 2 Stitches. She has an amazing eye for taking a design and making it even BETTER! Take this Pottery Barn inspired wall mirror for example. Corey took it to the next level by adding a hidden compartment for storing jewelry, keys, or anything else you […Read More]

Scrolled Wall Mirror and Centerpiece

Beth from Sawdust & Embryos was inspired to create a gorgeous scrolled mirror using one of her favorite power tools – her scroll saw! Beth traced the design onto a piece of MDF and then cut it out with her handy dandy saw. A little paint and poly later, Beth attached the mirror and hung […Read More]

Drab to Fab Mirror Makeover

Sharon from Lilikoi Joy had the idea to place long mirrors above her nightstands to mimic the look of windows. Unfortunately, the mirrors looked more like the cheap plastic door mirrors they were than the pretty windows Sharon had envisioned. Instead of tossing them to the curb, Sharon decided to give the mirrors a “Hollywood regency style glam makeover.” They certainly don’t look cheap or plastic now!

silver mirror

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Turn Small Mirrors into a Large Mirror

Small mirrors from the dollar store may not seem like much to get excited about, but when their powers combine… Michelle from Oh, Sweet Honey Iced Tea followed the tutorial from Dollar Store Crafts to turn nine small mirrors into a BIG statement-making multi-panel mirror. She says this is a beginner level project that only takes about 30 minutes to complete and costs less than $15. If you can operate a roll of duct tape, you can make this mirror!

diy multipanel mirror

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A DIY Mirror Born from Brilliance

I just love KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms, and if you aren’t already, I promise you will be hooked on her site after seeing this brilliant project! KariAnne had been saving up her pennies, 24,800 of them to be exact, to purchase a fancy schmancy mirror from Anthropologie. Fortunately, KariAnne realized she could save almost all those pennies by creating her own DIY version of that mirror on the cheap. You will never guess how she pulled it off – compact mirrors! And from the dollar store no less!

diy mirror

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Mirror Mirror on the Mantel {DIY Multipanel Mirror}

Steph from House Stuff Works couldn’t justify paying $699 for a mirror. Oh wait, let’s make that $882.33 with tax, shipping, and an oversized item fee! After doing the math, Steph quickly scoured the internet and found a few tutorials to direct her path, mostly following Kevin and Layla’s from The Lettered Cottage. Steph used mirorred candle holders with beveled edges for her tiles and opted for a more polished look by creating a thicker frame. Isn’t it a beaut?!?

multipanel mirror

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Stenciled Wall Mirror

You all know I have about of a love affair with stenciling. With the endless design options and potential for taking the ordinary to extraordinary, there’s a lot to love. One thing I am yet to try stenciling is a mirror, but Beth from Free Stylin’ does a fabulous job showing how it’s done. She used a large stencil to transform a cheapo door mirror into a stunning decorative piece. Amazingly, the pattern is almost identical to her Ballard inspiration!

diy stenciled mirror

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Multipanel Mirror

Debbie from One Day at a Time finally tackled a project that had been lingering around her to-do list for way too long, a multipanel mirror inspired by Pottery Barn. Debbie constructed her mirror with particle board and trim. I am loving this DIY option since large mirrors can cost a small fortune and be a pain to find in just the right size. The multiple panels make it simple to customize to fit your space.

diy multipanel mirror

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Metal Circles Mirror

As shared on Dollar Store Crafts, Debi of Debi’s Design Diary knows how to get that Anthro-look on a dollar store budget. Debi created a very cool geometric mirror from paint can lids and mirrors that cost… you guessed it… one dollar! Some gold spray paint, and Debi’s mirror looks like a million bucks instead of a budget-friendly $25!

anthropologie-knockoff-mirror-dollar-store (1)

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