Wood Framed Wall Clock

Debbie at Me and My DIY again shows how simple it is to make a stylish wall clock without breaking the bank. Debbie’s Pottery Barn inspired clock began its humble life on a shelf at Wal-mart. Debbie took it from ordinary to eye catching by inserting it into a wood frame she constructed from leftover boards.

wood framed wall clock

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Decorative Clock Face

Gina from The Shabby Creek Cottage shares at The Graphics Fairy – DIY how she created a decorative clock face using a round tabletop she found on the side of the road. For this project, Gina used a carbon paper method to transfer the number outlines and then simply painted them in. Of course, I love that this is a rescue! Isn’t it amazing how just some paint can turn an item destined for the landfill into a decorative piece for your home?

Pottery Barn Imitation Clock Face Art

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Distressed Wall Clock

Carrie at Dittle Dattle was inspired to create her own ginormous wall clock after spying one on a date night with hubby. The laminate top from a table that had been in the attic for years was the perfect “canvas” for the clock face. Carrie is so awesome that she cut all the numbers with […Read More]

Vintage Framed Clock Face

Erin from Lemon Tree Creations created this vintage clock face to fill a large wall space in her kitchen that had been blank for far too long. She layered on paint, stain, and glaze, and then banged and scraped up her wood a bit to give it a nice worn look. (Sounds like a good […Read More]

Large French Clock

Desiree from Camelot Art Creations made this 3-foot clock using a pallet she pulled from a dumpster. Talk about resourceful! After a bit of painting and distressing, she added barn hinges for the clock hands. Best of all, this big ol’ clock cost Desiree only $3.78 to make! Desiree’s original inspiration came from the 5-Foot […Read More]