Built-In Laundry Cabinet

When Tricia from The Little Cottage on the Pond moved into her new house, the small, empty laundry room was hardly an inviting space. A set of cabinets from Pottery Barn sparked her desire to create a room where she could actually be excited about doing laundry. (Hard to imagine, huh?) Tricia’s husband scaled down the plans for Pottery Barn’s cabinet and recreated their vintage style with inexpensive plywood. Don’t let the charming exterior deceive you… this cabinet is all business on the inside, providing tons of storage for cleaning supplies, mops, brooms, and even a vacuum!

pottery barn inspired laundry cabinet

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Locker-Style Cabinet System

After searching for some locker-style cabinets for a back room adjacent to her kitchen, Maggie from The Cheney’s House to Home stumbled upon the perfect cabinetry solution in her Pottery Barn catalog. Since the $1500 price tag was a no-go, she enlisted her husband to build some for around $225. (A little better price, eh?) […Read More]