Washi Tape Clothespin Craft

How about a craft you can complete in about five minutes and quite possibly for free? Sounds good, right? Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body was inspired to dress up a set of clothespins with washi tape. These are so pretty and perfect for displaying pictures, holding papers, closing food bags, hanging laundry, […Read More]

How to Make a Dreamcatcher

Deonna from Child at Heart can’t get enough of Urban Outfitters’ “carefree, hippie style.” What she doesn’t like? Paying $100 for a dream catcher she could make herself! Deonna grabbed an embroidery hoop from the craft store along with some ribbon and yarn and made her own dream catcher for MUCH less! She says, “It […Read More]

Faded Stripe Vase Makeover

Katie from Upcycled Treasures was perusing Pinterest when she came across a faded stripe vase from Urban Outfitters. She was instantly inspired and just so happened to have a secondhand vase with a similar shape that she’d picked up at the thrift store. All Katie needed to make over the ugly vase in UO fashion […Read More]

Geometric Painted Pegboard for Craft Storage

Mike of The Crafty Gentleman just upped his crafting game by purchasing his very first power tool – an electric drill that allowed him to make this DIY pegboard. Mike loves the combined practicality and style of pegboards and says, “Pegboards are the ultimate storage: useful, versatile and they look amazing too! Instead of spending […Read More]

Floral Medallion Painted Patio Umbrella

Do you have a patio umbrella that could use a little TLC? Ashley from Bigger Than the Three Of Us shares how she updated her worn out umbrella from Target with paint, a pretty pattern, and pom-pom trim. Ashley says, “For $20 (the cost of the pom-pom trim), this project was super cheap and highly […Read More]

Old Light Fixture to Faceted Terrarium

Lidy of Hello Lidy says she continually found herself drawn to the faceted terrariums while shopping at Urban Outfitters. So, of course, when it came time to repurpose an old 90’s brass light fixture, Lidy saw the potential to turn it into a DIY terrarium. All Lidy had to do was remove all the hardware […Read More]

Hanging Macrame Chair

If you are a macrame-lover, check out this amazing hanging chair created by Savannah of Classy Clutter. Savannah put on her DIY thinking cap and went through some trial-and-error to figure out a way to recreate a hand-woven swing chair from Urban Outfitters. But figure it out she did! While Savannah admits that this chair […Read More]

Hanging Geometric Sculptures for Only $4

Amy from Delineate Your Dwelling was able to recreate Himmeli sculptures from Urban Outfitters using the simplest of materials for only $4! Paper straws are the secret ingredient that made this project both simple and cheap. Amy shares exactly how she cut and strung the straws onto twine to create her geometric shapes. There are […Read More]

Himmeli-Inspired Geometric Pendant Light

Corinna of For My Love Of shares at Tatertots & Jello how she created a himmeli-inspired pendant for her home office. If you love this look and want to make your own, Corinna has a video that shows exactly how to cut and string the brass tubing onto wire to create the geometric design. Here’s what Corinna says about her DIY light fixture: “…the finished project embodies how I want the entire space to come together. DIY, glamorous, feminine with an edge.”

{…Read More…}