Burlap Lined Basket

I know I am not alone when I saw that I love a nice basket, so it was no surprise that this burlap-lined one from Summer at Summer Scraps caught my eye. Summer lucked out by finding a basket with a color and texture almost identical to her inspiration at the thrift store for only […Read More]

Stocking Pillow Cover

And the pillow ideas just keep coming! This burlap pillow from Cheryl at A Simple Life is too cute. I love the little stockings that Cheryl knit herself and wouldn’t mind a bigger pair to wear myself {giggle}! Cheryl’s got some skills for sure. This is the perfect pillow to adorn a couch or chair […Read More]

Jute Wrapped Bottles

Robyn from Everyday a la Mode loved the look of Ballard’s covered bottles but, boy oh boy, are they pricey. Instead of breaking the bank, she grabbed some empty wine bottles and jute she had leftover from another project and made her own version for free. She simply wrapped the jute around the bottle and […Read More]

Periodic Table Kids Wall Art

Emma from Simply Cosy has made her grand entrance into the world of blogging with a knock off project! She sweetly made her nephew his own periodic table of elements after her sister marveled at the one from Land of Nod. Emma drew the periodic table on canvas using brush tipped markers, attached wood trim […Read More]

Woven Twine Vase Candle Holder

Karen at The Quaint Cottage created her own woven hurricane using an inexpensive glass jar from Michael’s and twine. Karen broke out a knitting tool from her scarf crazy days and wove the twine until it was the right size to get wrapped around the hurricane. It doubles as a vase or candle holder depending […Read More]

Chalkboard Basket Labels with Twine

What’s the perfect addition to a wicker basket? Chalkboard labels! At least that’s what Jaime from That’s My Letter says, and I gotta say I agree! Just in case there’s anyone left out there who hasn’t given chalkboard paint a try, this is a simple project to test the waters. These baskets are part of […Read More]

Branches and Cups Hanging Advent

Opening the little doors on our advent calendar was always so exciting when I was a kid. (And there wasn’t even any candy inside. Imagine that!) Macey from Olivia Renn created a unique suspended advent from apple tree branches and spray painted plastic cups. The plastic cups were pure genius. They are about as thrifty […Read More]

Romantic Book Bundles

Honey from 2805 created her own decorative book bundles with a romantic spin. She added a touch of romance by placing sheet music and flowing script atop the books and then bundling them with twine and feminine ribbons. These would be great accent pieces on a table or even in a basket. I love the […Read More]