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Decorative Pear (That Looks Good Enough to Eat!)

Elisha of Pneumatic Addict Furniture has admired Ballard’s Terra Cotta Pears for years, but it wasn’t until a recent craft store trip that she was inspired to make her own. Elisha combined a Styrofoam ball and cone to make her 13 inch pear form and then added texture and depth with tissue paper and paint. I think she did a great job giving it a realistic look!

decorative pear

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Tissue Paper Flowers

This time of year I simply can’t get enough flowers. However, as much I love the look and scent of fresh flowers, I can’t justify spending lots of money on something that will end up in the garbage in a few days. DeDe from Designed Décor offers a budget-friendly solution with her tissue paper cherry blossoms. DeDe created her blooms from tissue paper and then hot glued them onto branches. It is amazing how real they look!

diy cherry blossom flowers from tissue paper

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