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Thrift Store Find to Subway Sign Chalk Art

If you are one to frequently change out décor, you can’t beat chalk art. Jami from An Oregon Cottage found a piece of framed pressboard artwork from the thrift store and used paint to turn it into a chalkboard. She then used her tried-and-true chalk transfer method to draw a subway sign like those sold at Restoration Hardware. Before sporting this train sign, Jami’s chalkboard made an appearance in her Christmas gallery wall. And guess what? When she’s had her fill of the subway sign art, she can simply wipe it away and draw something new!

subway sign chalk art

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Ugly Canvas to Subway Sign Art

As soon as Aimee from The Vintage Estate came across some ugly canvases, she knew they’d be perfect for replicating the pricey subway signs she’d been eyeing from Restoration Hardware. All it took was some paint and handmade stencils for Aimee to give the canvases new life. It just goes to show that you have to use a little imagination in the thrift store aisles and see beyond what is to what could be!

diy subway signs

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