Felted Wool Star Mobile

Cait from Home Sweet Ruby says she was pretty picky while planning her baby’s nursery, which led to a whole lot of DIY! Cait had her eye on a wool felt baby mobile from RH Baby & Child that wasn’t too ridiculously-priced. However, throw in shipping, and Cait knew it would be much more budget-friendly […Read More]

Wood Wall Stars for Less than a Dollar!

These Pottery Barn knock off wood stars rank up there as one of Amanda from A Few Short Cuts’ favorite DIY projects ever! Amanda loved the stars as soon as she saw them on Pottery Barn’s website. You know what she didn’t love… the $129 price tag! A search online turned up detailed woodworking plans […Read More]

Driftwood Wall Star

Ashley from The Handmade Home was on a beach vacation when she saw a decorative wall star made from driftwood in a Pottery Barn catalog. It must have been destiny since she was surrounded by oodles and bahoodles of driftwood. Ashley collected some small flat pieces and glued them onto a star cut from thin […Read More]