Veneer Spheres for $3 in 15 minutes

Rebecca Quandt fell head over heels for West Elm’s Veneer Spheres, but that didn’t mean she was ready to drop $29 on them! She says, “I find it particularly unnecessary to purchase things that I can easily make for $3.00.” Rebecca was able to create her own spheres using a couple of embroidery hoops from […Read More]

Decorative Orbs in Five Simple Steps

I am sure you are no stranger to the decorative orbs that are often seen adorning mantels, shelves, and tabletops. Leanne Lee aka “The DIY Diva” shows how simple they are to make for a fraction of the cost using embroidery hoops, which are inexpensive and readily available at craft stores. Plus, it only takes […Read More]

Decorative Wood Sphere

The thrifty lady over at Fifty Five South was inspired to amp up her use of decorative accessories that reflect the rustic, earthy style she loves. When she saw an “incredibly easy and cheap West Elm knock-off DIY project” that involved layering embroidery hoops to make a sphere, she couldn’t help but “pounce” on it. The hoops only cost her $2.20, making this a project that can’t be beat when it comes to ease or expense.

decorative sphere from embroidery hoops inspired by west elm

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Decorative Spheres

Jess from Hilly Country Homebody loves all the sphere décor she has been seeing in the design world lately. Jess knew she could save some cash through DIY and used embroidery hoops and tacks to create her spheres for only $6. This is such an easy project and allows you to customize your spheres with […Read More]

Ping Pong Letter and Number Spheres

Suesan from Frou-FruGal spray painted some ping pong balls and added vinyl letters and numbers to make her own decorative spheres. She finished them off with a glossy clear coat to give them a super shiny look. She included all the letters in her family’s name and numbers for the year she was married. I […Read More]

Thread Wrapped Pendant Light Fixture

Julia from Chris loves Julia quickly fell in love with this globe-like thread light fixture for her dining room. After hunting it down online, she found that it cost over $2,000. She and hubby decided to take a shot at making their own, and they were quite successful I’d say. I love the light, airy […Read More]