Easy Framed Sheet Music Art

Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers is at it again with another easy way to create DIY artwork for your home. This go round it was a framed music sheet that caught Becca’s eye. Of course, she looked at it and knew it would be a piece of cake to make her own. I love how the sheet music adds a new element to Becca’s impressive gallery (most of which she’s created herself for next to nothing!).

frame sheet music

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Sheet Music Wall Art

Amy of Amy’s Casablanca was immediately drawn to a piece of musical artwork she saw floating around Pinterest. When she finally found the source and saw the hefty $2000 price tag, it just motivated Amy to find a way to do it herself. With the help of the Staples copy lady, Amy created her own humongous 36”x48” piece of artwork that looks very similar to her inspiration and is a custom fit for her hallway.

diy sheet music wall art

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Sheet Music Candles

I love seeing items that have been written off as old or outdated brought back to life with a quick fix. Jennifer from Southern Inspirations did just that to a pair of brass candlesticks from her garage sale stash and white pillar candles. Jennifer spray painted the candlesticks for an oil rubbed bronze finish and […Read More]

Glass Bottle Ornament

Like me, maybe you’re constantly tweaking your Christmas tree, adding new ornaments here and there until it’s perfect. Here’s a quick and easy glass bottle ornament from Lisa at Lisa’s Craft Blog to add to your ornament collection. Lisa simply twisted a wire to add to a small glass bottle as a hanger. She then […Read More]

Sheet Music Christmas Tree

After seeing Anthro’s Printed Paper Pine, MJ from 517 Creations knew it was a perfect new item to add to her Christmas décor. Better yet, she had just received a few old hymnals that were perfect for the job. With just a few added elements, MJ made her own printed paper pine at a fraction […Read More]

Sheet Music Candles

Gail from Can’t Stop Making Things shares an awesome method for transferring images to a candle. Following her inspiration, Gail printed out sheet music on tissue paper. She then wrapped the candle with the tissue, using glue to secure the ends, and heated the candle surface with a heat gun to adhere the tissue. Following […Read More]

Sheet Music Lantern Chandelier

Katie from SweetGirl Expressions was rummaging at a church barn sale when she found an old chandelier that reminded her of one she’d seen in a Pottery Barn catalog. She quickly snatched it up, along with another chandelier, for a grand total of $3.00. Talk about a bargain! Katie covered all the brassiness with some […Read More]

Romantic Book Bundles

Honey from 2805 created her own decorative book bundles with a romantic spin. She added a touch of romance by placing sheet music and flowing script atop the books and then bundling them with twine and feminine ribbons. These would be great accent pieces on a table or even in a basket. I love the […Read More]