Sophisticated Sea Fan Art for the Beach Lover

Here’s another project from imeeshu to help you achieve that high end look for less. Meesh says, “Why pay $400 for a framed sea fan when you can make it for $10?” That’s exactly what Meesh did with some consignment store frames and beautiful sea fans that she ordered online. Throw in some hot glue magic and presto – sophisticated beach-inspired art on a dime!

diy framed sea fan

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Framed Sea Fan Artwork for the Ocean Lover

After living n Hawaii for six years, Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers has a deep love for the ocean. When she saw preserved sea fan art from Restoration Hardware, Becca knew it was just the touch she needed to bring her room to the level of perfection she strives for while reminding her of Hawaii’s rippling blue waters. Becca used a real sea fan she purchased online and a few craft store materials to make her artwork for a grand total of $25. That’s a saving of $525 compared to her inspiration!

framed sea fan art

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