Wall Canvas with Saying

Christa from Brown Sugar Toast has you covered if you want to create a personalized gift for that special someone this holiday season. Christa used puff paint to add a saying to a plain white canvas and turned it into a truly special and meaningful piece of art. The chances of finding a canvas with the exact words you want are slim to none, so this is a great way to get custom without the cost!

white canvas with saying

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White Stenciled Dishes

Celeste from Celestial’s Creations was inspired by an Anthro plate that featured a poem to create a version of her own. While the plates were not as simple to make as Celeste had hoped, she finally achieved the desired product by painting on her poem with a vinyl stencil and quickly removing the vinyl after […Read More]

Slatted Sayings Wall Art

Tonya at Love of Family & Home included a little DIY artwork when designing her summer mantel. Tonya got her dad in on the project by having him construct a square frame with wooden slats running across the front. Next up was painting. Tonya coated cream colored paint on top of brown, sanded the edges, […Read More]

Wood Slat Mantel Art with Sayings

Kev and Layla from The Lettered Cottage created mantel artwork that represents their love for art and design. After creating their form from strips of wood, they stained it and stamped on sayings from Layla’s favorite greeting card. I can totally see why it’s her fave! Now they have a gorgeous display of tips for […Read More]

Linen ‘Sit’ and ‘Relax’ Pillows

Terry from Live Creative or Die Trying reconstructed old throw pillows to add a little rest and relaxation in her sitting room. She used linen fabric for the front and the former pillow fabric for the back. I love the look she achieved with the lettering by dabbing acrylic paint onto foam stamps. How can […Read More]

Verse Fence Post Sign

Amanda from House Revivals created this sign from fence posts inscribed with the words from Philippians 4:8. Amanda felt that this verse embodied “beauty,” which is her “word of the year.” Instead of making a New Year’s resolution each year, Amanda chooses a word to focus on and apply to the various aspects of her […Read More]