Pretty Paper Bird Garland

Using cardstock and ribbon, Nancy from Owen’s Olivia made a cute bird garland to adorn her entryway table. Nancy opted for cardstock to save time and money; however, fabric would also work well. This could be a good use for all that scrap fabric piling up. I think this garland would be super cute for […Read More]

Romantic Book Bundles

Honey from 2805 created her own decorative book bundles with a romantic spin. She added a touch of romance by placing sheet music and flowing script atop the books and then bundling them with twine and feminine ribbons. These would be great accent pieces on a table or even in a basket. I love the […Read More]

Embellished Teen Message Board

Lori from Thrifty Décor Mom created this bulletin board for her teenage daughter’s room when she begged for the PB Teen one that retails at $405.00. Although her daughter’s initial reaction was far from pleased, she soon realized that her mom’s knock-off rivals the catalog version (not to mention it cost $375.00 less)! It is […Read More]

Ribbon Message Board

Heather from Four Loud Monkeys gave her former message board a quick makeover by adding some vertical and horizontal ribbons. We all need a place to store important odds and ends (Think appointment cards, coupons, invitations…) so they don’t get lost in stacks of paper. It’s just an added bonus that it’s decorative too! Heather […Read More]

Fabric Magnet Board

Tracy from Beneath My Heart made this adorable magnet board by wrapping an aluminum sheet with fabric and finishing with a bow and ribbon. Totally cute! She had a little girl’s room in mind when she made this one. What a perfect place to display a precious drawing! Tracy was inspired by the Magnetic Board […Read More]

Paper Bird Chandelier

Lindsay from Living With Lindsay created a ribbon and bird chandelier for her new baby girl’s room.  Lindsay says, “Once I decided on a color scheme for my baby’s nursery, I knew that this particular chandelier wouldn’t work in the room.  Never to let a little issue like that be a problem, I decided to […Read More]