Stocking Pillow Cover

One item Jennifer from Dimples and Tangles crossed off her “Christmas Craft To-Do List” was this adorable stocking pillow. It really was as simple as making a pillow cover with an envelope back since Jennifer found the cutie-patootie green mini stockings at Target. At the end she just added the ribbon and initial tags for [...Read More]

Personalized Photo Ornaments

I love this idea for reusing Christmas cards from Danielle at Monkey Mania 3. Not wanting to throw away the sweet photo cards she receives each year, Danielle turns them into personalized ornaments for her friends. This is such a meaningful and economical gift idea for family and friends. I can only imagine that Danielle’s [...Read More]

Glitter Snowflake Ornaments

SPARKLY snowflake ornaments

Dawn from Designed by Dawn Nicole knew she wanted to make some sparkly snowflake ornaments as soon as she saw them in the Pottery Barn Kids catalog. Since they were made of cardstock, Dawn knew she could easily recreate her own. She designed and printed them on the computer and then cut them out and [...Read More]

Kids Magnetic Chore Chart

April from Cup of Delight was honored when her sister consulted her about creating a chore chart for her kiddos. April purchased a magnetic whiteboard for her “canvas” and added scrapbook paper and ribbon for aesthetics. The chore magnets were created on the computer and then printed on magnetic paper so they can be easily [...Read More]

Flora Throw Pillow

Tanya from Trey & Lucy shares both a picture and video tutorial on how to make these adorable roses that are great for accessorizing and decorating. The first one she made was intended for a pillow but ended up as a hair accessory. I love me some fun, chunky accessories! Tanya eventually did make one [...Read More]

Burlap Pinboard with Ampersand

Shirley from These Moments of Mine loved the look of a Ballard burlap magnetic board but not the price. (We can all identify with that!) In addition to saving sixty bucks plus shipping, Shirley was able to modify the design to meet her own tastes. She opted to use corkboard instead of making it magnetic [...Read More]

Pretty Paper Bird Garland

Using cardstock and ribbon, Nancy from Owen’s Olivia made a cute bird garland to adorn her entryway table. Nancy opted for cardstock to save time and money; however, fabric would also work well. This could be a good use for all that scrap fabric piling up. I think this garland would be super cute for [...Read More]

Romantic Book Bundles

Honey from 2805 created her own decorative book bundles with a romantic spin. She added a touch of romance by placing sheet music and flowing script atop the books and then bundling them with twine and feminine ribbons. These would be great accent pieces on a table or even in a basket. I love the [...Read More]