Turn Old Sweaters into Cozy Pillows

diy sweater pillows

This time of year I know we are all eager to infuse our homes with as much warmth and coziness as possible. Not much says warm and cozy like a comfy old sweater, so why not turn one into a pillow? Zandi from Radical Possibility went shopping in the fabric sweater aisle at her local thrift store for a couple of sweaters to repurpose. Zandi found two perfect sweaters and loves how they satisfy her desire for clean, modern lines and also her need “to nest and be cozy.”

diy sweater pillows

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Turn Vacation Seashells into Meaningful Art


Desiree from Camelot Art Creations had a collection of beautiful seashells her sons found on a recent trip to the Gulf. She was inspired to turn the shells into artwork using an old VHS crate that was begging for a repurpose. Desiree created a coastal look with a fresh coat of white paint and faux linen paint treatment and personalized the art even more by adding the coordinates from their beach destination.

seashell art

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Charming Coral Birdcage Chandelier


For Deneen from Dreaming in Color (and the rest of us!), saving $2,000 is always a great way to start a project. Deneen saved some cash by turning a birdcage she already owned into a chandelier that’s reminiscent of a beauty from Restoration Hardware. Deneen went with a “bright and charming” coral color that’s a perfect fit for her revamped living room and says her favorite part of the birdcage-turned-chandelier is “how it illuminates on the wall at night showing texture and pattern.”
birdcage chandelier

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IKEA Mirror to Accordion Wall Lamp


Lindsay from Life of Splendor was in love with the idea of adding accordion sconces to both sides of her master bed. However, we all know that it simply wasn’t happening at $180 a pop. Especially when Lindsay had a plan for using the parts from a $4.99 IKEA mirror to create her own stylish lamps. I love Lindsay’s outside-the-box thinking for this project, and the end result is simply stunning!

accordion lamp

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DIY Pendant Light Made from… Bowls?!?


This DIY pendant light made by Jessica at Mad in Crafts is so sleek and chic you’d never guess it actually started as… two cheap plastic bowls! Crazy, huh? Jessica gave her Dremmel a workout drilling all the holes into the bowls to create the modern geometric design. She says, “…for the cost of a few plastic bowls and a lamp kit, we now have a chic hanging accent light that looks much more expensive than it is!”

diy pendant light

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Turn a Basket into Art with a Sharpie


Christine from Let’s Get Crafty really liked the “texture and simple design” of West Elm’s Decorative Bowl Art. She took a trip to her local Goodwill (where there are baskets aplenty) and snagged one for less than $2 to turn into her own piece of wall art. Christine says that the weave of her basket is a “dead ringer” for her inspiration, and all she needed was a black Sharpie to complete the transformation!

basket art


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Wood Coffee Table to Tufted Ottoman


Abbie from Five Days Five Ways was ready for a change from the serviceable wood coffee table she had in her living room. She had her heart set on a large tufted ottoman but knew it would come with an equally large price tag. While Abbie says she doesn’t do pricey, she does do DIY and quickly set out on turning a square coffee table from Craigslist into the ottoman of her dreams. I love how Abbie repurposed a table and think her lovely ottoman is the icing on the cake in her gorgeously decorated living room.

tufted ottoman

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Repurposed Scrabble Game to Place Cards


Debbie from Confessions of a Plate Addict shares a fun way to put that old Scrabble game that’s been sitting in your closet for ages to use. And, no, it’s not at your next game night! Debbie stained the wood tile holders for a more vintage look and then spray painted the tiles with chalkboard paint to make the cutest place holders for her table. All she has to do is erase and change the letters whenever she has new guests. Absolutely genius!

scrabble game repurpose

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