Old Candle Holder + Old Cake Pan = New Pedestal

While browsing online, Laurel of The North End Loft came across a rustic pedestal and thought, “I bet I can make that!” Right she was! Laurel created her pedestal using a chunky wood pillar holder and weathered cake pan she got from the thrift store. I love all the decorating possibilities with this little stand, and of course, the fact that it’s from repurposed materials makes me love it all the more!

diy pedestal

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Woodland Animal Place Card Holders

Molly from Just a Little Creativity was spurred on by her love for the woodland animal trend to replicate animal place card holders from Pottery Barn. Plastic toy animals are the stars in this show. With a coat of gold spray paint, they look totally glam! And Molly shows just how essential these little holders are for your Thanksgiving feast… Use them to display name cards, label dishes, or, my fave, show what everyone is thankful for.

animal place card holders

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Old Cabinet Door to Christmas Sign

In order to stock her booth for Christmas time, Karin from Art Is Beauty has been on a sign-making mission. She has a shed full of old cabinet doors that are the perfect canvases for her creations and was inspired by a Pottery Barn pillow to turn a square door into a piece of Christmas art. Karin liked how the pillow resembles chalkboard art and used chalkboard paint to achieve a similar effect. I love how the inset panel of the door makes the sign look framed. What a great repurpose!

christmas sign 2

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Horse Candle Holders from Plastic Toys

Carmel from Our Fifth House has a big old love affair with equestrian-inspired décor. So it’s no question why a horse candle holder from Anthropologie caught her eye. It’s also no question why she didn’t purchase the holder for $24 when she could make TWO for only $7. Carmel says, “I’m pretty much crazy for their cuteness and having two for about $7… makes me even crazier for them!  Plus getting a fun project done in less than an hour isn’t half bad either.”

horse candle holder

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Large Clock from Tabletop

Ellora from Creatively Southern was inspired to turn an old tabletop into a large, functioning clock for her home office makeover. She says, “I’ve been searching for a large clock and finally found the look I wanted, but at a hefty price tag. Hefty like $279! . No way I can squeeze that in the budget no matter what excuse I come up with. So I made my own version of my favorite Pottery Barn clock for only $20!” That’s an extra $250 Ellora can put toward her room makeover. Don’t you love when you can DIY for so much less and, as a result, do so much more?!?

diy clock

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Bead Napkin Rings… From What???

Megan from Our Pinteresting Family created these lovely napkin rings for her Thanksgiving table using a most unlikely source – toilet paper rolls! I am sure TP is the last thing that comes to mind when it comes to holiday dining, but the little cardboard rolls are perfect for holding a napkin. And don’t they dress up quite nicely with brown paint and gemstone stickers?!? Your guests will never guess the rings’ humble origin {Wink}!

pottery barn knock off napkin rings

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Thrifted Light Fixture to Glass Cloche

Inspired by glass cloches, like those from Restoration Hardware, Susan of saf affect was on the hunt for a thrifty alternative. She scored two industrial glass light fixture globes at a Habitat for Humanity Restore for only a few dollars. Placed on a tray with a few interesting objects, you’d never guess they were once used for lighting. What a great repurpose!

diy cloche

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Old Frame to Fabric Message Board

When Shauna from Satori Design Living was challenged to turn her home office into a better organized, more functional, and prettier space, she knew a pinboard was a must. Shauna had been wanting a fabric-covered one for years, and it was high time she finally made that dream a reality. Shauna did it on the cheap by repurposing an old art frame she had. With a fresh coat of white paint, touch of gold gilding, and cotton canvas insert, the frame-turned-memo board looks sophisticated and a little glam!

diy message board

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