Painted Stripe Chair

The is no question that paint can work a miracle when it comes to updating a wall or piece of furniture, but what about upholstery? Roeshel from The DIY Showoff shows it can be done! She toned down a pair of brightly-colored arm chairs from the thrift store with some watered- down latex paint. Roeshel finished off the amazing transformation with a brown stripe to add some interest.

painted chair

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Numbered Accent Chair

After snagging a wood chair on the cheap, Matt and Jacque from The DIY Village had the best intentions of repainting it for their guest bedroom. Ten months down the road the chair was still sitting in their garage sporting its original coat of red paint. Jacque decided it was time to finally get the […Read More]

Painted Fabric Chair

Amber from Queen of Chairs almost considered buying an Anthropologie chair instead of not paying her mortgage for the month. Almost. That was just for a split second before reality set in. Instead, Amber decided to  give a $5 chair from a barn sale an Anthro-inspired makeover, painting the fabric with chalk paint and applying […Read More]