Wine Corks Upcycled into Wall Art

Do you have an ever-growing collection of wine corks at home? Or maybe friends who could supply a generous wine cork collection? Gail from Purple Hues and Me shows the perfect way to upcycle all those corks – into wall art for your home! Gail was given a TON of recycled wine corks from a […Read More]

Chalkboard Office Storage Jars

Erica from Craftivity Designs has been working on her home office and found a cute and thrifty way to store small supplies by repurposing baby food jars. Erica made the jars pretty with paint and then added chalkboard labels for organization. And isn’t everything just better with a chalkboard finish {wink}? This is such a simple project that would be useful throughout the house – spices in the kitchen, bath salts in bathroom, game pieces in the playroom…

chalkboard jars office storage

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NOEL Wall Art

Pottery Barn’s Noel Sign has become rather famous in the world of Christmas décor. I have seen it recreated many times, but this DIY from Christa at Brown Sugar Toast is by far the thriftiest! Christa got almost the exact look of those well-known letters by cutting them herself from a large piece of cardboard. How’s that for resourcefulness?

knock off PB Noel sign

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Paper Christmas Tree

“Oh Christmas tree. Oh Christmas tree. How lovely are your branches pages.” Pages? That’s right! This Christmas tree from Dana at Wonder Forest is made from repurposed music book pages. Dana cut paper squares a plenty and then stacked them up to make this pretty paper tree. If you can operate scissors or a paper cutter, then you’re fully equipped to make your own!

anthro knock off paper tree

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Burlap Matting

You might be surprised that the box from this morning’s bowl of cereal could become wall décor that rivals that of Pottery Barn. Just check out this burlap mat that Melissa from Redfly Creations created from cardboard. A spray painted secondhand frame makes this project all the more thrifty!

diy burlap mat

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Recycled Magazine Storage Box

Using items from your recycling bin, you can turn a plain old cardboard box into a decorative storage bin like Gay from It’s A Hodgepodge Life did. Gay rolled a bunch of magazine pages and attached them to her box and then created a no-sew burlap liner to make the inside as beautiful as the outside. This is just one of many fun creations you can make from rolled magazine pages!

rolled magazine box

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Dictionary Page Pumpkin

Like Jessica from A Smith of All Trades, you may prefer to skip right over the Halloween decorations and stick to fall. When Jessica wanted some inexpensive décor for the season, she grabbed a few foam pumpkins from the dollar store. With some old dictionary pages and Mod Podge, she gave them the more subdued autumn look she was after.

book page pumpkin

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Chalkboard Label Spice Jars

Holly from Holly Would shares a fun way to repurpose baby food jars into colorful spice jars sure to brighten up your kitchen. The jars feature chalkboard labels and lids with a raised design that Holly created with puff paint. These jars are so much fun that Holly is probably just looking for excuses to […Read More]