Wood Market Sign

how to make a vintage market sign

It’s no secret that wall décor can get expensive, especially for larger pieces. Luckily, armed with wood, paint, and a bit of creativity, you can fill those walls without breaking the bank! Just check out this weathered wood plaque that Mimi from Blue Roof Cabin created with plywood and a jigsaw. The gorgeous shape and custom wording make for a truly unique piece of wall décor!

how to make a vintage market sign

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Feed Store Wall Plaque

This wooden wall plaque was the perfect solution for a large, awkward wall space in Gwen from Gwenny Penny’s dining room. Gwen says, “All you need is a little wood and some basic woodworking knowledge. Don’t be intimidated by this project. It’s actually pretty simple and moves quickly.” The cut of the wood adds architectural [...Read More]