Teapot Lamp

If you love a little whimsy, then this teapot lamp from Mandi at Vintage Revivals is going to rock your world! Not only is it fun and totally unique but provides a great way to showcase dishes and knickknacks. Mandi’s brilliant design is also completely interchangeable so special pieces can easily be changed out for the seasons.

diy teapot lamp

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Tiered Ceramic Jewelry Holder

Kate from Change of Scenery was on a thrift store shopping extravaganza with a friend when she had the brainstorm to make a jewelry holder from ceramic saucers and candlesticks. Her friend was totally on board so the two stocked up on similarly styled plates in slightly varying sizes. Using silicone glue that works with […Read More]

Custom Monogrammed Mugs

Gabrielle from Design Mom shares a simple gift idea that you can get the kids in on creating. Gabrielle and her daughter used transfer paper to create these monogrammed mugs. After transferring the initial, her daughter used a porcelain pen to fill it in with sketchy diagonal strokes for a fun, imperfect look. Pair them […Read More]