Pleated Bed Skirt

Mary Anne from Purposedly Reinvented had been on the lookout for a bed skirt without ruffles AND a ridiculously expensive price tag. She loved the look of a simple pleated style and decided to get creative and make her own with a fitted twin sheet. Mary Anne’s bed skirt not only looks great, but it requires minimal sewing and doesn’t shift!

diy pleated safety pin bedskirt from sheet

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Pleated Sheet Curtains

If you’ve seen the prices on some of Anthro’s ruffly panels, you know I am not exaggerating when I say they are crrrazy expensive. How about we just drop one of those zeros off the $200 price tag? Following this tutorial from Amanda at DIY Til We Die, you can make not one but TWO panels for under $20! What’s the secret you might be wondering… Amanda used $4 sheets from Wal-mart, which allowed her to get plenty of fabric to sew these beauties without the expense!

anthro inspired pleated curtain

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