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Sew Your Own Pintuck Duvet Cover

Tigan of Blake & Tigan purchased a dreamy, cloud-like pintucked duvet cover from West Elm that she totally loved. That is until she felt how scratchy it was and realized how easily it ripped. Boo! Tigan sent that duvet cover packing and decided she would just have to DIY to get the job done right. Tigan used a plain pre-made duvet cover and sewed her own pintucks – all 123 of them! She then added a button to each pintuck to ensure they would hold strong. Despite the time-consuming process, Tigan says she couldn’t be more pleased with how her pleated duvet cover came out!


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DIY Pintuck Duvet Cover from Sheets

Kelly from View Along the Way joined up with a group of friends to do a surprise room makeover for friend. The ladies had to get creative in order to stretch their limited budget and sure didn’t have money for fancy bedding. Therefore, Kelly decided to try her hand at creating a textural pintucked duvet cover from sheets. Kelly’s DIY duvet cover cost only $23, which is pretty stinkin’ awesome, but she also shares a few ideas for whittling down the price even more.

diy pintuck duvet

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