Antique Silver Frame


Lauren from The Endearing Home almost purchased a beautiful antique silver frame from West Elm. Almost… before she realized she had several old frames in her garage that could easily be refabbed. Lauren applied Rub ‘n Buff to one of the frames for an aged silver finish and also created a linen matting using an old curtain panel. I am loving how Lauren totally nailed the look with items she already had! Yay for not one but TWO great upcycles!

picture frame makeover

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Framed Subway Art

All of you regular KOD readers are no stranger to the mad DIY-wall-art skills of Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers. In about ten minutes and for ten cents, Becca created her own subway art in honor of the city she grew up in. This is an awesome way to pay homage to your hometown, [...Read More]

Pedestal Side Table

Would you believe you could create your very own pedestal table for only a few buckaroos? Over at Richmond Thrifter, you can learn how to do just that with an old lamp base and picture frame. Erin found her treasures on deep discount from the Goodwill, but you may have just the lamp and frame [...Read More]

Framed Ticket Art

Jane from Urbane Jane and her husband have enjoyed going to the theatre for years. Through dating, engagement, and marriage, Jane has collected a number of tickets. What better way to display these mementos than with some DIY ticket art? Jane’s artwork cost only $3 to make and was the perfect meaningful Valentine’s gift for [...Read More]

Clothespin Memo Board

Whitney from Shanty 2 Chic has been completely redoing her son’s bedroom. She happened across a memo board that would be perfect for the space and recreated it with a piece of scrap MDF, 1x2s, and twine. While this project was a freebie for Whitney, she states that it could be easily completed for under [...Read More]

Framed Ampersand Wall Art

When Melissa from The (mis)Adventures of a Wanna Be Martha got a bridal shower invite from the fiancé of a close high school friend, she knew she wanted to create something special for the couple. Melissa had seen ampersand signs all over the web and took the idea a step further by including the wedding [...Read More]

Felt Red Roses Picture Frame

Kara from Happy Go Lucky was shopping for candles at Pier 1 when she saw a really cute rose picture frame. Since her mind was in candle-mode, she didn’t think too much more about the frame until she got home. Remembering how stinkin’ cute it was, Kara decided to make her own, forming all the [...Read More]

Wooden Photo Carousel

After her mom had purchased a carousel style photo display, Ashley from Shanty 2 Chic wanted one of her own. Of course, she had no intention of buying one and set out to design her own knock off version. Ashley’s wooden carousel spins using lazy Susan hardware so you can easily see the photos on [...Read More]