Octopus Ornament

diy octopus ornament

If you like ornaments that are a bit quirky and deviate from the norm, then this octopus ornament by Emily at Lemon Yellow Journal is right up your alley. Here’s what she has to say: “I saw this little guy on the Terrain website, and thought it was so cute and totally doable!  I used a small sized Christmas bauble, some newsprint, and some craft glue and went to town! I finished it off with some paint for the eyes, and now he’s happily perched on my tree.”

diy octopus ornament

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Silver Starfish Bowl

zgallerie inspired starfish bowl

Gail from Purple Hues and Me had been eyeing a starfish bowl from the Z Gallerie for some time, trying to figure out the best way to recreate it. Amanda at House Revivals got Gail going with her paper mache starfish tutorial. Gail crafted several starfish and then attached them together to form her own [...Read More]

Paper Mache Starburst Mirror

DIY starbursts have been crazy popular and run the gamut when it comes to design from chunky wood to spindly metal rays. Amanda from House Revivals used the art of paper mache to create her starburst mirror that was inspired by mid-century compass rose clocks and a Horchow mirror. This was also an ecofriendly project [...Read More]

Industrial Style Letters

Everyone has seen the zinc letters for sale at Anthropologie and Restoration Hardware and probably a tutorial or two for making your own.  Erika from Retropolitan takes the industrial look one step further by adding silver scrapbooking brads for an even more urban look. It’s amazing how such a small detail can make a big [...Read More]

Papier-Mache Table

Jaime from Prudent Baby added a homemade papier-mache table to her new back patio last summer. She formed the table and chevron pattern with cardboard and then applied a papier- mache pulp and plaster. Since it was going to be outdoors, Jaime sealed the table to protect it as much as possible from the elements. [...Read More]

Repurposed White Holiday Planter

Today I’m kicking off a full week of holiday knock-offs for a little Christmas in July fun. Nick from Choose to Thrive created this gorgeous white planter for her Christmas centerpiece. Wondering what it’s made from? Would you believe me if I said it’s an oatmeal container covered with foam strips and newspaper? This planter [...Read More]

Jute Wrapped Pears

Jaime from That’s My Letter created these beauties by wrapping jute around newspaper mache pears. A little hot glue and VOILA! Jaime also used this method to deck out some eggs for Easter. I am loving the use of natural fibers. Now Jaime has me wondering what else could be wrapped with jute… Jaime’s original [...Read More]

Savannah Zebra Bust

Erika from Repropolitan created this funky zebra head out of paper mache.  I was so amazed by its funkiness I had to share it!  It might not be yours style but you have to appreciate her determination to replicate it and the end product.  I think hers looks better because it has such a gloss [...Read More]