Painted Schoolhouse Light Fixture

There’s a lot to love about the industrial look of schoolhouse-style light fixtures. Throw in a colorful stripe, and I am over the moon! Mary from At Home on the Bay transformed an inexpensive light fixture from Home Depot with some spray paint and gave it the look of a much pricier fixture. I am […Read More]

Make Your Own Farmhouse Light for Less

Susan from Homeroad threaded an inexpensive hanging light from Home Depot through a ceiling fan pole to create her own farmhouse light. The original stainless steel finish was a bit too shiny for Susan’s taste so she painted it a rich oil-rubbed bronze, giving it just the older, more vintage look she was after. Susan loves it so much she’s now on the prowl for more items in need of an oil-rubbed bronze makeover!

diy farmhouse light

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Hanging Lantern Light with Rope

Whether they are hanging from the ceiling or sitting tabletop, lanterns can be found everywhere in the décor world. But, of course, they come at a price, and a rather steep one at that! Nicole from DIY in Real Life found a way around those annoying price tags by updating secondhand brass light fixtures with black paint and rope. They ended up costing Nicole about $20 a piece, which is a steal compared to the fixtures she had been eyeing from Ballard and Restoration Hardware.

rh knock off painted brass light fixture

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Large Tabletop Lantern

The popularity of large tabletop lanterns hasn’t escaped the notice of Beth from Free Stylin’, and she of course knew it wasn’t necessary to pay exorbitant prices for the trendy lights. Instead, Beth had the genius idea to upcycle an old brassy light fixture into a lantern. These lights are everywhere so this is a super simple project anyone can tackle on the cheap!

lantern from brass light fixture

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