Metallic Dot Glasses

Tasha from Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body was inspired by one of her favorite stores to take plain old glasses to the next level with Sharpies. All you need to make your own are cheapo dollar store glasses (or some from your own cabinet!) and a couple of metallic oil-based Sharpies.  These are inexpensive […Read More]

Glassware Goes Glam with Gold Paint

Lately, I think just about everything looks better with a touch of gold. Take these glasses from Mary of At Home on the Bay. They were just plain old ordinary glasses until Mary glammed them up with metallic glass paint. Now they are full of personality and pizzazz, which is a pretty awesome for only five minutes of Mary’s time!

anthro inspired gold glassware

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Dotted Glassware

Intrigued by Anthro’s confetti glassware, Linda from It All Started with Paint decided to recreate her own using 99 cent thrift store glasses and glass paint pens. Linda’s daughter joined in the fun of dotting all their fun, party-worthy glasses. While this is a way easy project, it does require some patience since you will […Read More]

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