Monogrammed Christmas Ornament

Stephanie from Full of Great Ideas has a few tricks up her sleeve for creating a lovely monogrammed ornament at very little cost. Stephanie used the outline of a sticker for her stencil and painted it in with glittery red nail polish. Buy a few clear ornaments and a pack of letters and you’re set […Read More]

Handmade French Macaroon Ornaments

Since Jillian from I am a Homemaker has never tried French Macaroons, she can’t attest to their taste. However, she can say that they sure are pretty – pretty enough to turn into whimsical Christmas ornaments!  Jillian was inspired when she came across a set of sparkly Macaroon ornaments from Ballard and repurposed bottle caps […Read More]

Five-Minute Tinsel Ornaments

Heather from At The Picket Fence shares how she created these pretty tinsel ornaments in less than five minutes. All it comes down to is placing a snippet of tinsel into a clear glass ornament, and voila! You get all the sparkle and festivity of tinsel without the mess!


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Animal Print Ornament

Morena over at Morena’s Corner went a little wild with her Christmas décor this year by creating a couple of fun animal print ornaments for her tree. Morena stenciled the safari design onto a glass ornament using glass paints to create this unique ornament. Morena says, “No elves, snow, or bright colors on this ornament.  Just elegantly painted glass in a pattern that’s very trendy right now.”

animal print ornament

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Peace Sign Ornament

Char at Crap I’ve Made shows how to bring a little sparkle to your tree with these peace sign ornaments. There is no rocket science to this project! Some craft foam, glue, and glitter, and Char’s ornament is just as awesome as her inspiration. Plus, you could adorn your tree with tons of glittery peace signs for the cost of one from Pottery Barn!

diy glitter peace sign ornament

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Flower Ornament Clips

Jen from Librarian Tells All has already gotten a head start on her Christmas crafting. Yes, I know it’s barely October, but you’ll thank me when you see these adorable flower ornament clips that Jen made. As Jen points out, the clips have plenty of uses from tree trimmers to gift clips to hair accessories, which means you will want to make plenty! Thank goodness it’s only October, huh? {Wink}

West Elm Christmas Flower Ornament Clip How to Make DIY

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Owl Christmas Ornaments

‘Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house; Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse owl… Okay, so maybe it doesn’t have quite the same ring to it, but I am just loving these cute little owl ornaments from CountryBelle at Happiness is 5ive. CountryBelle created her own patterns and then […Read More]

Quilled Christmas Ornaments

It is no secret to those who know her that Johnnie from Saved By Love Creations loves to coil magazine pages and make them into any and everything.  That is why she was so excited when a friend sent her a link to some quilled ornaments from West Elm. Paper filigree is a great way […Read More]