Garden Theme Clock from a Tabletop

On a junkin’ excursion one sweltering day, Suzy from Worthing Court picked up an old tabletop for $5 and knew exactly what she wanted to do with it…turn it into a garden clock! Suzy says, “This project was so fun and easy to do! I’ve been wanting a garden clock for a long time, but […Read More]

Large Clock from Tabletop

Ellora from Creatively Southern was inspired to turn an old tabletop into a large, functioning clock for her home office makeover. She says, “I’ve been searching for a large clock and finally found the look I wanted, but at a hefty price tag. Hefty like $279! . No way I can squeeze that in the budget no matter what excuse I come up with. So I made my own version of my favorite Pottery Barn clock for only $20!” That’s an extra $250 Ellora can put toward her room makeover. Don’t you love when you can DIY for so much less and, as a result, do so much more?!?

diy clock

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