Striped Monogram Desk Clips

This is such a fun knock off from Tasha at Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body. She was inspired to create monogram desk clips using scrap wood, wood letters, and washi tape. Tasha decorated the letters with washi tape to make them pretty, and sandwiched clothespins between the wood to make them functional. Would you […Read More]

Tame Paper Clutter with Linen Pin Boards

Kris from Driven by Décor had been eyeing Restoration Hardware’s linen pin boards and knew they’d be the answer to her organizing dreams. However, RH’s boards hardly fit her budget or her kitchen wall and its awkwardly placed light switch. Kris turned to DIY and made her own trio of boards using barn wood frames, corkboard, and fabric. They are perfect for taming coupons, invitations, magazine clippings, and all the other papers that like to clutter counters and desks!

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Rustic Corner Desk

Liz from Hoosier Homemade had been dreaming and waiting for a rustic PB-style office desk for three long years. That dream finally came to fruition when she spotted some barn doors with a free sign sitting on the side of the road. Liz’s husband built custom cabinets and then cut the barn doors to fit on top. Here’s from Liz: “Even though we dreamed, planned and built the desk ourselves, I never imagined how awesome it would be… My days in my office, just got a little longer!”


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Barn Door Desk

Tracie from Cleverly Inspired was in love with the sawhorse desk style. When she happened upon an old barn door that was a steal for $25, she knew it was just what she needed to create a beautiful and unique desk top. She paired the door with some old railing parts for the legs and […Read More]

Painted Desk with Stained Top

Karri from House of Tubers initially spotted the Whitney Desk in the PB catalog.  Then after looking around, she saw quite a few similar two toned pieces with painted and distressed bases and dark stained tops on Pinterest.  She decided to combine what she liked about all of them and make her own from a […Read More]

Burlap Pinboard with Sliding Chalkboard

Most of us would agree that we could be at least a little (or a whole lot) more organized. Messaging centers are great ways to keep all your ducks in a row, and they’ve come a long way in the style department from the basic bulletin board. Kit from Diydiva shares a fairly simple tutorial […Read More]

Fabric Magnet Board

Tracy from Beneath My Heart made this adorable magnet board by wrapping an aluminum sheet with fabric and finishing with a bow and ribbon. Totally cute! She had a little girl’s room in mind when she made this one. What a perfect place to display a precious drawing! Tracy was inspired by the Magnetic Board […Read More]

Vintage Crate Wall Decor

Kelly from My Dear Trash created some wall decor out of old vintage soda crates.  I love the eclectic look of it with all her old treasures filling it.   She was inspired by the Wooden Crate Modular Home Office Storage at Pottery Barn (no longer available).   Go visit My Dear Trash for the […Read More]