Framed Wood Cut Wall Art

Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers has created a pretty impressive DIY art gallery for her home. Her latest edition is a woodcut art print that she designed using open source, high quality graphics. It’s as simple as printing the image and popping it into a frame. Becca loves how it adds a subtle pop of color to her gallery.

wood cut art

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Nature Mosaic Collage

Mandy from This Girls Life loved a nature inspired collage from Urban Outfitters.  Not only was it out of her price range but it also is no longer sold at Urban Outfitters.  For less than $5 she created the look and made a beautiful nature inspired mosaic collage.  This is a great project for all […Read More]

Botanical Drop Cloth Framed Art

Sharyl at The Little Brown House had purchased four frames for an arrangement of wall art in her bedroom but wasn’t quite sure what to put in them. That is until she spotted DIY art created from burlap and pressed leaves in a magazine. Sharyl did her own spin by printing black and white botanical […Read More]

Abstract Beach Scene Painting

Mai Li from Thrifty Shopaholic created her own beach scene to hang in her billiard room. During the painting process, she used painter’s tape to separate the water from the sky and help form the sea oats. She finished by blending a little brown into the white edges of the canvas to lend a bit […Read More]