Tree Stump Tables

As an oil painter, Oksana from Sparrow’s Haven constantly finds herself seeking inspiration from nature, specifically trees. Therefore, it seems only fitting that she would want to bring the object of her fascination indoors. Oksana created these natural stump tables from an oak tree her husband and father-in-law cut down in the woods surrounding her home. I love how she utilized the hollowed center of the larger stump as a planter!

tree stump tables

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Birch Bark Candle

Kim from Sand & Sisal had been on a hunt to find birch bark sheets for a PB-inspired candle. After scouring craft stores, she drove home disappointed and discouraged… that is until she spied a pile of downed birch trees right by her house! Kim peeled some bark off the trees and scurried home to make this lovely candle. In all honestly, I would take Kim’s candle over Pottery Barn’s in a heartbeat. Why settle for painted when you can have the real deal? Just look at all that natural texture!

Birch Bark Candle  (800x533)[4]

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Framed Pressed Leaves

To add interest to a small wall in her living room Amanda from Bullfrogs and Bulldogs recreated some botanical pressings she fell in love with at Restoration Hardware. Amanda’s DIY version uses Goodwill frames and botanicals from her farm. Amanda says, “Adding a little antique charm to them makes them the perfect fit for our […Read More]

Rock Wall Hooks

Paula from Me Makey Things loves to incorporate natural elements like rocks, sticks, and trees into her décor. She created her own towel knobs using pieces of accent molding, cabinet pulls, and polished rocks. Since her parents happen to be rock collectors, she had her pick of interesting specimens. Depending on the look you’re going […Read More]