Best of PB #9: Large Multipanel Mantel Mirror

Amanda from A Creative Beginning needed a big ol’ mirror to cover a hole above her mantel. Her Pottery Barn inspiration fit the bill, but Amanda could not find a tutorial that actually recreated its exact size. What’s a girl to do but create her own? I’d say her mirror forms a pretty amazing focal point for the room!

Multipanel Mirror

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Custom Fireplace and Mantel


Michelle from Chalkboard Blue wanted a fireplace so badly she built one herself. And not just any fireplace… a gorgeous fireplace with stately columns, paneling, and built-in bookcases on the sides. This was a major project that stretched Michelle outside her comfort zone, but guess what? She did it! The fireplace completely transforms the space and is a daily reminder to Michelle that she can do anything she sets her mind to!

custom built fireplace

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Distressed Mantel Shelf


Heather from Sweet Number 9 immediately fell in love with a distressed wall ledge from Pottery Barn the moment she saw it. It was exactly what she needed to fill empty wall space that had been driving her crazy. Heather and her husband devised a plan to build their own shelf with some lumber and decorative molding. Their knock off is absolutely stunning and has become an immediate statement piece on the once annoyingly blank wall!

pb inspired distress wall shelf

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Twig Deer Head


You’ve undoubtedly seen all types of creations made from driftwood. Wreaths, mirrors, Christmas trees… and the list goes on. It was driftwood deer mount that caught the eye of Amy from Atta Girl Says, and she found a way to recreate it with twigs for free. This is a great option since twigs are a lot easier to come by than driftwood for most people.


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Large Decorative Mantel Ledge

Dean and Shannon from {aka}|design were a bit bummed about not having a mantel for seasonal decorating. That is until they thought to build her their PB inspired decorative ledge. Shannon says, “We love the paint treatment of this piece as much as its chunky shape. Layers and layers (eight layers in all) of chippy, [...Read More]

Slatted Sayings Wall Art

Tonya at Love of Family & Home included a little DIY artwork when designing her summer mantel. Tonya got her dad in on the project by having him construct a square frame with wooden slats running across the front. Next up was painting. Tonya coated cream colored paint on top of brown, sanded the edges, [...Read More]

Silver Santa Claus Sketch

Katie from Bower Power was looking for a simple and classic centerpiece for her Christmas mantel when she stumbled upon a canvas of Old St. Nick himself in a catalog. She used the grid method she learned in middle school art to sketch the image from the tiny catalog pic onto a piece of painted [...Read More]

Map Wall Décor

Jessica from Décor Adventures created this stunning map wall as a focal point in the foyer of her 111-year old house. I love how she combined various elements and hung the graphic prints and maps on the wall asymmetrically. There is something very sophisticated yet creative and fun about it. Best of all, it cost [...Read More]