Rustic Antler Wreath

Catherine from Stone and Rose had been scoping out all of the various antler wreaths online when she decided it was time to make her own. When you’ve got antlers lying all over the yard and garage, why pay for one? Plus, those babies can get pretty pricey. Catherine’s hubs was excited about bringing the […Read More]

Watermelon Geometric Print Rug

Holly from Adventures of an Almost 40 Year Old Intern has been in the process of redesigning her dining room and found herself with white chairs, white walls, and a white floor. That definitely doesn’t work for a girl who’s not afraid of bold colors or patterns. Holly added the spark she so desperately needed […Read More]

Periodic Table Kids Wall Art

Emma from Simply Cosy has made her grand entrance into the world of blogging with a knock off project! She sweetly made her nephew his own periodic table of elements after her sister marveled at the one from Land of Nod. Emma drew the periodic table on canvas using brush tipped markers, attached wood trim […Read More]

Pallet Board Family Art

In the process of moving, Julia from Sweet Serendipity needed a little project therapy to ease some of the drain of packing, unpacking, and painting. She decided to create a piece of wall art that reflected what was most important to her family and had her children contribute ideas. Julia arranged pallet boards of varying […Read More]

Monogrammed Candle Jar

Sometimes it’s amazing how incredibly simple it is to recreate expensive catalog looks. Take this monogrammed candle from Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas. She literally took some Glade candles (that she had gotten for free no less!) and stuck a vinyl letter on the lid. Stephanie says, “It took me longer to take the […Read More]

‘Love, Laugh, Live’ Canvas Wall Art

Laura from Inspiration for Moms found a simple yet elegant piece of artwork on Pinterest that she really liked, but, lo and behold, it cost almost $500. Yikies! Moving on to plan B, Laura spent about $25 on supplies at Hobby Lobby to make her own version. She literally just glued the letters to her […Read More]

Super Soft Ruffle Pillow

After oogling some of the eye candy in Anthropologie, Tonia from The Gunny Sack was inspired to replicate a super soft jersey ruffle pillow. Tonia’s materials included an old t-shirt, pajama pants,  a hoodie, and some white jersey material. If you want a soft pillow, it doesn’t get too much better than old, comfy loungewear! […Read More]

Outdoor Looking Glass Candle Lanterns

Jessy from Fairytale Frosting shares a great project for upcycling all those glass jars you’ve been storing away. No glass jars on hand? You can find an assortment of vases and candleholders at your local dollar or thrift store. Jessy sprayed the inside of her glassware with Looking Glass spray paint to give them a […Read More]